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Backbone Guitar Resonance Enhancers
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Stratobone - For Strat Style Guitars $69.99
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Stratobone - For Strat Style Guitars $69.99

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STRATOBONE brings more sustain, punch, clarity, faster attack, more chime and resonance to your Strat-style guitar. Installation is easy, non-invasive and requires only a medium Phillips head screwdriver and a new set of strings.

Please note that you must choose one of two versions based on the distance between the screws holding attaching the tremolo claw to the body. Measure center to center.

Stratobone Model Versions:
Version A -
The distance between the Tremolo Screw Holes is 1 1/4" -  Typical of Mexican and import Strat style guitars
Version B -
The distance between the Tremolo Screw Holes is 1 3/8" - Typical of U.S. and custom made Strat style guitars
Make sure you order the correct version for your guitar.

Stratobone Includes - Backbone Plate, Neck Mount Shims, 2 8-32 x 1/2" Stainless Steel Machine Screws to attach the Tremolo Claw Mount to the base of Stratobone.
We even include a Template for the Trem Cover. Most users simply leave the cover off (as shown in our picture) but if you want to use it, consider getting a replacement Trem Cover and set the original aside.