Backbone Guitar Resonance Enhancers
Backbone Guitar Resonance Enhancers
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Backbone Guitar Resonance Enhancers connect the neck, body, bridge and strings of Tele and Strat style guitars, creating a resonant mechanical link, instantly producing more sustain, more resonance, faster attack and more volume.

EASY, NON-INVASIVE INSTALL - Simply remove the four screws of the stock neckplate, attach Backbone using the same screws and string up the guitar. Machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, Backbone's revolutionary, Patented design installs in minutes, is non-invasive and works immediately.

WHAT IT DOES - Backbone becomes an integral part of the resonant path of your guitar, amplifying its fundamental, core resonance. Your guitar will sound more alive, and everything - strings, pickups, effects and amp - will all sound better.

'More sustain, punch and clarity.' - Michael Molenda / Editor in Chief - Guitar Player Magazine

'The difference is huge. My Telecaster has never sounded better and bigger.'
- Soren Korsgaard / Soundcheck For Musicians

'It really works!'
- Michael Wagener / Renowned Producer/Engineer and Master of guitar tone for Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne. Over 100 Million albums with his guitar tone shaping magic.

Backbone unlocks the full potential of Tele and Strat style guitars, delivering the Ultimate Tone.

You love these guitars. Love them even more.

Hear Backbone in Action

'More sustain, punch, clarity.'

'The difference is huge.'